Nabtrade Review

Nabtrade Review

Nabtrade is the online trading platform provided by the National Australia Bank. Nabtrade has been recently introduced into the financial market in replacement of NAB Online Trading. The online trading platform allows users to access some of the world’s largest brands with international share trading, and offers clients a range of innovative tools to assist users with their day-to-day trading activities. Nabtrade also offer clients real-time, online direct market access to more than 10,000 global securities as well as direct trade access to the Australian market. These are accessible via users desktop, tablet or mobile device. For those traders who have internet banking accounts with NAB, a variety of benefits are offered to them when they open a nabtrade online trading account. Such benefits include the visibility of their nabtrade account in their NAB internet banking account, as well as real-time transfers between the two accounts. In addition, these clients will also be able to view their NAB accounts including cash, credit cards and mortgages.

Trading with nabtrade

The online application process for opening a nabtrader account is relatively easy. The company offers four types of accounts for traders to choose from, those being:

Individual Account

This account allows users to trade in their own name.

Joint Account

This account allows clients to trade with joint names.

Company/Organisation Account

This type of account allows traders to operate on behalf of an organisation or company.

Self Managed Super Fund, Trust or Minor Account

This account allows users to trade on behalf of a trust which does include a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

Once the application process is complete, traders are provided with the opportunity to set up a nabtrader cash account and a trading account. These accounts are linked and are essentially used for funding and settling trades. These accounts allow unlimited transactions to take place with no ongoing fees and no minimum balance required. Traders are also provided with the opportunity to set up and link a NAB high interest savings account.

The nabtrader account has the following features:

  • Real-time transfers between NAB accounts and nabtrader accounts
  • Calculated daily interest with the interest being paid on a monthly basis
  • Consolidated Total Wealth reporting is offered to traders which incorporates necessary information from clients trading portfolio
  • Option to install sweeps between clients nabtrader account and high interest account

Service Levels of nabtrader

Once clients open up an online trading account with nabtrader, users are provided with three months complimentary access to the ‘Silver’ service level. After the three month period, users are assessed to determine their eligibility for a free service level upgrade. If clients do not pass this criteria they must pay an additional monthly subscription fee which allows them to upgrade to a service level of their choice. The following table provides an overview of the service levels offered by nabtrader:

Service Level Features Provided Fees
  • NAB company announcements
  • Delayed market data
  • Up-to-date charting
  • NAB company fundamentals
  • Up to 10 complimentary alert credits each month
  • Wholesale research and nabtrade research reports
No fees
Silver Clients are given bronze level access as well as:

  • Live stock quotes
  • Live market data
  • Live company announcements and company fundamentals
  • Depth of market
  • Standard up-to-date charting
  • Up to 20 complimentary alert credits per month
No fees
Gold Clients are given silver level access as well as:

  • Up to 30 complimentary alert credits per month
No fees
Platinum Clients are given gold level access as well as:

  • Premium up-to-date charting
  • Streaming market data
  • Up to 100 complimentary alert credits per month
The platinum service level has a subscription fee of $19.95 per month, however there is no charge if the eligibility criteria is met.
Platinum + IRESS Clients are given platinum level access as well as:

  • Ability to trade using conditional orders
  • IRESS Trader
  • Ability to trade using exchanged traded options
The platinum + IRESS service level has a subscription fee of $59.95 per month, however there is no charge if the eligibility criteria is met.

Australian Shares

Nabtrade offers investors real-time direct trade access to the ASX Australian market with straight-through processing and free streaming price quotes. Nabtrade offer traders the following features to assist users in trading the Australian market:

  • Minimum $500 account deposit
  • Direct market access to online share trading to both local and global stock exchanges via nabtrade’s web, mobile and active trading platforms
  • Access to Australia’s only free real-time ASX live streaming data service which is available to all nabtrade clients
  • Free access to recommendations in regards to buy, sell and hold strategies based on technical research conducted by Columbine Capital, trading Central, Morningstar, Thomson Reuters, SmartText, Wise Owl, Broker Consensus and nabtrade’s research team reports.
  • One of the best value brokerage compared to the big four banks
  • A completely integrated cash account for both domestic and international settlement or a fully integrated nabtrade margin loan
  • One of the best executions as nabtrade places client order to achieve the best possible consideration across both the ASX and Chi-X exchanges
  • Free direct dividend crediting into traders nabtrade cash account
  • Direct access to the companies IPOs and company floats services
  • Access to an online integrated linked high interest account
  • Direct access to the companies new global stock scanner which allows traders to easily filter, sort and compare thousands of investments and utilise those that meet users investment criteria
Trading Australian Shares
Trade Size Brokerage Fee
$5,000.00 $14.95
$10,000.00 $19.95
$20,000.00 $19.95
$50,000.00 $55.00

International Shares

Investors using nabtrade to trade international shares receive a variety of benefits, some of which include:

  • Nabtrade offers their clients the ability to access and trade international shares in the same way that users trade domestic shares. Traders can access the international shares using the same platform, the same login details with the same nabtrade cash account.
  • Users are also provided with real-time trading capabilities so that trades can be seamlessly made across a multiple of exchanges.
  • Nabtrade also offer additional research which is included in this service, providing insights from across the globe with reports on the US stock exchange, the ASX as well as other international markets.
  • The company also offers a foreign exchange (FX) service for their clients so that users don’t need to perform their own currency transactions each time a trade is made.
  • Traders are able to utilise NAB’s competitive exchange rate which gets locked in when a trade order is executed so that investors don’t have to worry about fluctuation in exchange between the time the trade is booked to the time it settles
  • Shares can be traded in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Germany just as easily as shares traded on the ASX
  • Traders are given access to an extensive array of international research and insights, including:
  • Over 1,500 research reports on ASX listed companies
  • Over 1,700 research reports on US stocks
  • Over 2,000 research reports on a variety of international stocks
Trading International Shares
Fee Type Size of Transaction Brokerage
Small Trade Brokerage Up to and including $5,000.00 $14.95
Small Trade Brokerage $5,000.01 – $20,000.00 $19.95
Large Trade Brokerage Trades over $20,000 0.11% of trade value
Exchange rate
Currency Fee
All – UK, US, Germany, Hong Kong International trades incur a foreign exchange conversion spread between 0.50% – 0.80% of the total value of the trade transaction
Market Fees

as determined by each exchange

Market Exchange Fee
US NYSE, NASDAQ & AMEX All sell trades are liable for SEC fees.
Current fee is 0.00184% on the consideration of the sell trade.
UK London Stock Exchange (LSE) Stamp duty of 0.5% may apply to buy trades
Hong Kong Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (HKEx) 0.0027% – Transaction Levy

0.005% – Trading Fee

0.1% – Stamp Duty

Germany Xetra None

Nabtrader Summary

Nabtrade is among some of the top stock broker firms for traders of all experience levels, and it is easy to see why. Nabtrade offers traders a user-friendly, highly customisable online trading platform which allows clients to trade both domestic and international shares, without having to change between the two browsers. The company also offers clients very competitive rates and products as well as low brokerage and low fees. In addition, nabtrade provides users with an extensive array of research information regarding both domestic and international markets to assist investors in making well-informed, successful trades. Traders that have a cash account with NAB will further benefit from the companies offerings as they receive a variety of additional services which assist in streamlining their trading activities and in turn make their day-to-day trading as efficient and simple as possible.