D2MX Review

D2MX is a trading participant of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and is a fully-owned subsidiary company of Sequoia Financial Group Ltd, a capital markets and corporate advisory specialist firm. Furthermore, D2MX are partnered with Pershing Securities Australia Pty Ltd which perform all of the company’s clearing and settlements. Pershing Securities Australia is a subsidiary company of the Bank of New York Mellon, one of most highly regarded and safest banks in America and therefore, clients of D2MX can be assured that their funds and assets are in strong hands.

The company offer their retail traders the ability to trade a variety of instruments including shares, exchange traded options (ETOs) and warrants on the ASX through their sister company Trader Dealer. Trader Dealer provide the benefits of excellent customer service and competitive brokerage rates, on an advanced and innovative online trading platform. An overview of D2MX has been provided below in order to establish what exactly the company is offering, and inevitably who these offerings may be best suited to.


Trading with D2MX

Through the sister company of D2MX, Trader Dealer, clients are offered two trading platforms for traders to utilise, those being the d2mxIRESS or the htmlIRESS. Features of each platform are detailed below.


d2mxIRESS Trading Platform


The d2mxIRESS is the new, highly innovative trading platform offered by Trader Dealer. The platform combines the latest features of the regular IRESS platform, with the highly advanced charting tools and market scanning features of the D2MX Trade Tools software. Features of this platform include:

  • Access to the D2MX Trade Tools software which provides clients with a set of powerful tools to assist in their trading activities. These include access to a highly advanced charting engine that has a wide array of technical signals and indicators as well as access to the plug-ins market scanning tools which works by matching tradable instruments to clients set criteria
  • Access to market data streamed live from the ASX as well as detailed company information, company news and security information
  • Ability to develop your own watchlists
  • Access to real-time, comprehensive data which gives a detailed overview of price movements within the market and trends that may potentially affect clients investment portfolio
  • Ability to develop, monitor and manage trade orders which allow users to respond quickly and efficiently to live market conditions
  • Ability to set alerts on tradable securities and place contingent orders on selected stocks
  • Access to a free Demo Account


htmlIRESS Trading Platform


The trading platform, htmlIRESS was developed as an entry-level tool for traders wishing to trade shares online and access basic market data information. The htmlIRESS platform provides users with all of the necessary features required to monitor the Australian sharemarket, execute trades online and manage trading portfolios. Features of the platform include:

  • Access to live market data quotes as requested
  • Ability to develop and customise watchlists
  • Access to detailed data on company earnings and performance ratios
  • Access to security charts as well as company reports and details of historical dividends
  • Access to free contingent order management with easy placements of orders
  • No installation or download required – the platform is accessible online and can therefore be accessed anywhere in the world


Brokerage Fees

D2MX use the same pricing strategy as Trader Dealer whereby clients are charged per confirmation, not per trade. Therefore, investors are able to trade multiple time and be charged just one brokerage fee. An overview of the basic brokerage fees associated with trading with D2MX have been outlined below.


Brokerage Fees of D2MX
ASX Listed Shares and Warrants
Size of Trade Brokerage Fee
Standard Online Rate

(Prices in AUD)

$0 – $5,000.00 $19.50
$5,001.00 – $25,000.00 $24.50
$25,001.00 – $250,000.00 $24.50 plus 0.1% of total trade value above $25,000
More than $250,000.00 $29.50 plus 0.05% of total trade value above $25,000
Reward Online Rate
$0 – $5,000.00 $14.50
$5,001.00 – $25,000.00 $19.50
$25,001.00 – $250,000.00 $19.50 plus 0.09% of total trade value above $25,000
More than $250,000.00 $24.50 plus 0.04% of total trade value above $25,000
Exchange Traded Options
Per Contract Brokerage fee of $2.42 per contract/lot for Index Options

Brokerage fee of $0.24 for Company Options

Minimum brokerage of $26.40 for all transactions same series, same stock, same side, same day

Please note: Option exercise is charged at online equity trade brokerage + ASX/ASH fees


D2MX Summary

D2MX is a credible online trading company that has partnered with a variety of financial companies to provide their clients with a highly innovative trading platform and low brokerage fees. Traders that would most likely benefit from the offerings of D2MX are those investors who are looking for competitive brokerage fees on a user-friendly platform with all the bells and whistles. As D2MX does have multiple partnerships with different financial companies it can therefore be somewhat confusing to determine what exactly the company is offering to their clients. It is recommended that retail traders contemplating signing up to D2MX should contact the company directly to determine what exactly they are providing and if these would benefit the personal needs of individual traders.