Patersons Securities Limited Review

Patersons Securities Limited is one of Australia’s largest and most iconic full service stock broking and financial services firm. Established in 1903 in Western Australia, Patersons Securities has grown immensely and now has an extensive network of offices located across the country. The company prides themselves on providing their clients with individualised services expanding across a range of financial offerings including award-winning corporate equities and finance research teams, a highly regarded institutional dealing branch and an expanding funds and asset management division. The main point-of-difference that Patersons provides their clients with is their extremely high quality wealth management advisors who assist investors with fast and efficient transaction executions, online client account access as well as sophisticated and professional administration and settlement services. For those traders who prefer that additional support through a more traditional approach to online trading then Patersons Securities is a firm that will provide you with an array of advantages.

Trading with Patersons Securities

Patersons Securities provides their clients with some of the best wealth management services available. These services include:


  • Patersons provides their clients with access to shares, warrants, options, IPOs, and other listed securities
  • Access to immediate and ongoing advice and commentary on trade executions, market research and portfolio construction


  • Clients are provided with access to the company’s teams of specialist advisors who can assist traders with both investment and structural advice on their superannuation fund

Sophisticated Investors

  • Since 2007, Patersons Securities has been the most active stockbroker firm measured by number of new issues, and raised more than $7 billion over the previous 16 years
  • When a new issue of securities are offered to the general public to invest in they are accompanied by regulated documents such as prospectus or product disclosure statements. However a qualifying and experienced investor may be given access to exclusive placements or capital raisings, pending that they meet the required criteria.  

Accolade Portfolio Management

  • Accolade is the blue ribbon investment service provided for clients of Patersons which assists investors in managing, guiding and administering their investment portfolio. There are three levels of service provided by the company which are tailored to suit the needs of all traders. These services are:
  • Accolade: The standard portfolio management and advisory service where clients are given access to their own personal Investment Advisor who provides advice on their investment strategies.
  • Accolade Plus: The discretionary portfolio management and advisory service. This service is provided to clients who do not wish to execute their trading strategy themselves and instead are provided with an Investment Advisor who actively manages and executes their investment portfolio strategies on their behalf.
  • Accolade Super: The self-managed super fund (SMSF) service. This provides clients with assistance in developing and controlling their SMSF and the investments within this fund.
  • Accolade Lite: The online investment reporting service. This service assists clients in monitoring, reporting and controlling their investment portfolio and trading account.

Margin Lending

  • Patersons Margin Lending service allows clients to setup a margin loan account where they are provided with a loan from the company for the purpose of investing these borrowed funds into the available shares and securities.

Financial Planning

  • Patersons offer their clients a full range of financial planning services from their team of fully certified financial planners. These professionals assist investors by providing full financial reports on both current and future prospective cash flow, organising and managing clients financial affairs and assist clients in increasing their return on investments whilst also minimising their tax

International Equities

Patersons assist their clients wishing to invest in international equities by providing advice on these investments and also by organising the execution of these trades on the clients behalf. The international exchanges that the company offer to trade on include:

  • Japan – Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
  • New Zealand – New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX)
  • Singapore – Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)
  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKE)
  • United States – NASDAQ (NDQ), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American Stock Exchange (AME)
  • Canada – Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), Toronto Stock Exchange Ventures (TSXV)
  • United Kingdom – London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • France – Paris Stock Exchange (PAR)
  • Germany – Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSX)
  • Options and Warrants
  • Patersons offer their clients access to the company’s team of derivatives specialists who can provide advice on suitable strategies for the trading of Exchange Traded Options (ETOs) and Warrants.

Brokerage Fees

Brokerage fees at Patersons are charged as a percentage of the total value of the trade when purchasing or selling shares, ETO’s or warrants. These rates will largely depend on the level of service that is required and the size and frequency of these transactions. Clients may be required to pay additional brokerage fees or commissions or a combination of both. An overview of the standard fees associated with executing a trade are outlined below.

Patersons Securities Brokerage Fees
Type of Security Minimum Charge Maximum Charge
Equities AU$110.00 2.75% of total trade value
Exchange Traded Options (ETOs) AU$110.00 2.75% of total trade value
International Equities
Brokerage Fee AU$110.00 Plus 2.74% of total trade value Plus
International Administration Fee AU$99.00
(i.e. $110.00 + $99.00 + $209.00) per transaction booking
0.33% of total trade value
Please note: An additional fee may be charged for transactions executed beyond the standard service provided or if assistance is required from a non-standard broker. A stamp duty fee may also apply in select markets. These fees will be disclosed prior to the execution of the trade.

Patersons Securities Summary

Patersons is a leading full service brokering firm which provides an extensive array of professional financial services to their clientele. The company prides themselves on the personal service to assist investors with almost every aspect of their financial activities. As a result, the expertise provided by Patersons is world class. The staff of the company are highly knowledgeable with years of experience in their specialised sector, making them some of the best in the industry. As the company is a full service firm the individual who would benefit the most from Patersons offerings are those who prefer additional assistance in evaluating, executing and managing their investment portfolio. It would therefore be suited to those investors who are relatively new to the sharemarket or for those who do not have the time to manage and execute their desired trades as these can done on their behalf. Although the brokerage fees of Patersons are relatively high compared to other providers, this is a direct result of the level of service that Patersons provides to their clients and the quality of this service.